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Affordable time tracking software is built for speed and ease of employer usage. Time logging with time tracking software is so simple that you’ll actually want use it.

Reduce your workload – See an immediate ROI.

Compare solutions for the best time tracking & analytics tool developers.

Feature rich and simple to use, it’s just what you need for helping you manage your office’s time effortlessly and making informed decisions about your business.

Our team will help you get the most powerful business intelligence on the market. Discover which projects are struggling and which ones are profitable, which employees are the most efficient, and what’s bringing in the most in their cash flow. The robust reporting and detailed charts provide you with valuable business insights, helping you plan your resources
more wisely.

Whether it’s from the internet, your smartphone, iPad, or another applications, it’s never been more user friendly to track employee time. With a simple, intuitive interface, getting you and your entire office on board is near instant and crazy simple.

The powerful reporting for time tracking software gives you real-time access to keep your business and projects on time and moreover, on budget. Get all answers and the insight you need to forecast future projects, and ensure your business’s profitability.

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Time and Attendance Systems – Avoid The Time Cards

Time keeping management can be a tedious process. Managing time paired with managing your employees’ attendance requires a lot more. Now, with a pool of employee or task employee time tracking software from all over the world, the management process becomes less and less demanding yet equally productive and effective for your business.

Gone are the days of paper sheet time management and manual input in offices. All set to be done automatically, even computing for the benefits accumulated by the employee for the services rendered can be done in simplified clicks without being any less accurate. This shows reduction in labor costs and manpower expenses which allows businesses to focus on other management tasks at hand. As your business grows, your systems must grow with it.

  • Easy Employee Scheduling and Time Tracking
  • On-Site or Web Hosted
  • Employee Accountability
  • Biometric Time & Attendance Systems
  • Secure Time Management Solutions
  • Prevent Errors

Employee time clock programs offer on-site and web-based solutions to easily track your employees work hours, time off, paid leaves, and actual productivity. Because you must not only invest in business strategies, facilities, or marketing plans but also in your workforce. Find the best solutions for time tracking software for your business and discover what tens of thousands across the globe have used to grow their ROI. Connect with your favorite tools:

  • Sync With Quickbooks
  • Sync with Xero
  • Mobile Time Tracking Apps
  • Job Costing Reports
  • Integrate With Gusto

The time and attendance tracking systems work as integrated with a time clock, either virtual or physical, basically clocks in your employee time ins and outs for work. Most of the workforce management solutions are hosted backed up by a provider’s server in case of electronic or any system failure. More, it allows employee time clocks. It monitors time offs and holidays, which must be aligned with the benefits and other accruals provided for the employee. Some systems also provide portals for both employee and administrators for transparency and more convenient management and time keeping.

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Aside from the available stand-alone time card software programs, there are also more omnibus time tracking and management systems. There are systems specifically designed for the HR personnel’s needs and provides assistance in merging the employee performance and payroll requirements. Other systems are more designed for client servicing. These systems allow you to track the individual project performance and needs, and bill the client. The time tracking software is the best solution for employee management while billing and invoice software is equally effective for the issuance of quick invoice for client billing.

If you have an idea on what you need, we’re ready to match you with the best and guaranteed reputable sellers. Give your business the best opportunity to grow.

Employee Time Tracking Software Buyer Guide

Considering employee time tracking software for your business? It’s time to get the facts! Here’s our comprehensive employee tracking buyer’s guide.

As a business owner, there are two things you don’t want:

Employees slacking off or being dishonest about the hours they’ve worked.

Time is money after all. Who wants to see those hard-earned dollars disappearing down the drain? Then there’s the time spent on inefficient tasks. That time could be better spent elsewhere.

For example, did you know the average employee checks their email 36 times in an hour?

Talk about unnecessary.

Here’s the good news, though. This can easily be fixed with one simple solution: employee time tracking software. Thankfully, we’ve included a comprehensive employee tracking buyer’s guide below to help you get started.

How does employee time tracking software work?

Time tracking software helps manage information about the time employees spend working. The software records and analyzes this information to keep track of wages. It also tracks time spent on particular tasks.

Don’t waste valuable time working out each employee’s weekly wages with a calculator. Employee tracking software does it all for you. It takes out the hard work by automating the whole process, so you can get back to more important tasks.

But it doesn’t stop there. In fact, this software can often be installed to work in with the equipment and computer systems you already have in place.

Time tracking software comes in many forms and its features will largely depend on how much a business is willing to spend on it.

Speaking of which…

How much does time tracking software cost?

It’s the question on every business owner’s lips.

If you’re looking to install an employee time tracking system of your own, you’ll want to know exactly how much it will cost.

What is it Going to CostThe cost varies largely and this will depend on many things. This can include the number of employees and what features you want. A very basic time management service which tracks an administrator, manager, and 2-3 employees can cost as little as $10 per month.

For those wanting to invest in high-quality employee time tracking software, prices can start as low as $399 for a business with under 25 employees. This tracking system includes all the basic features a small business needs. These are the software and warranty, along with time clocks and proximity cards.

Small businesses wanting all the bells and whistles (including both time tracking software and hardware) can expect to pay up to $3500.

For medium-sized businesses with 26-50 employees, a basic system will cost $1000 – $1800. This set-up usually includes free technical support, upgrades, and licensing.

Large-scale businesses with 500-1000 employees need a top-of-the-range time tracking system.

For $10,000, owners can expect a complete workforce management solution. This works across many locations. It includes both software and hardware installation.

Keep in mind some software providers will offer a trial period to let business owners work out if it’s the right system for them.

Providers also offer discounts or bonus features from time to time. Be sure to take advantage of these deals.

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What are the benefits of employee time tracking?

Encourages better time management skills

The BenefitsWhen an employee is ‘on the clock’, they tend to be more aware of how they spend their time. Especially if it’s being tracked.

They’re less likely to waste their billable hours on unimportant tasks, plus they’ll respond better to distractions.

If an employee isn’t spending their time at work effectively, then your time tracking software can help to identify what these distractions are. You can then work towards handling these for better staff time management.

Employee time clocks help determines areas or tasks that need more attention

If a certain job is taking longer than you’d like to complete, perhaps it needs more resources or manpower?

Time tracking software can also log the time an employee spends on a certain task. This information is often invaluable.

If workers are struggling with a duty, employers can identify this and provide more training to staff. Alternatively, they can allow more employees to help out with the job.

Emphasizes to employees their time is valuable to the company

An effective employee time tracking system can help unpaid overtime to become a thing of the past.

Plus, when an employer chooses to track the working time of each individual, it shows them how valuable they are to the company.

Otherwise, why would they bother?

Placing this value on an employee’s time makes them feel that they play an important role in the success of the company. Therefore, they become more engaged with their workplace.

Experts warn disengaged workers can poorly impact their peers and have a negative effect on important business areas. Making sure your employees feel valued is now more important than ever.

Old vs new models of employee time tracking

Here’s the thing: if you’re still making employees manually submit their weekly hours to get paid, then you’re behind the times.

While these older models of employee time tracking once had their heyday, modern technology such as software is now where it’s at.

Older methods are unreliable and at times, can even be inaccurate. After all, the average person has been found to lie about the hours they work. They often increase their weekly figure by 5–10%.

Modern time tracking systems include technology such as badge scanning or even face recognition. This leaves little to no room for error when an employee clocks on and off.

Gone are the days when business owners have to manually sort through each time sheet too. Time tracking software stores and analyzes each employee’s hours before automatically calculating their wage. Too easy!

Did you know employers can also use these high-tech systems to track workers’ sick days and vacation time?

Even small businesses can find this information too difficult to handle manually. Having a system in place allows time to be spent on more important tasks (like increasing revenue!)

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