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Absence Management SoftwareAbsentee management software solutions on the cloud configured precisely to your business needs to better understand and control absentee related expenses and quickly identify repetitive trends to improve office efficiency. Delivering elite attendance tracking systems to greatly help HR departments with totally customizable workforce management products.

What seems to be an impossible task of absence management cloud software is now addressed with a solution specifically designed for businesses to efficiently and effectively fill in the staffing gaps in their workplace. No more losing productivity because of lack of control of the employee absences. What used to be a pen and paper task of time tracking is made simpler with the time and attendance software.


It is already a given that poor absenteeism equates to higher costs for the business. Imagine losing $100 billion per year* due to absenteeism! How can it be so expensive? Basically, when an employee is absent, someone needs to fill in for his work hours. Hence, another employee render overtime hours. More than the overtime hours, more pressing concerns would be the effect of the additional hours rendered which can be stress, health issues, and even accidents. Ultimately, this further results to more absences, and the cycle of poor absenteeism continues.

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Employee Leave Tracking SoftwareThe absence management software provides automatic handling of absences, whether planned or unplanned. It keeps track of the absences per individual, group, or department. Since the tracking is done real time, the management can immediately address the absences and fill in the employee’s hours adequately. Before assigning anyone for an overtime shift to cover for the absences, managers are notified whether project budget is still enough or about to be exceeded. This lessens budgetary issues and even reduces costs for impending compliance concerns.

Since employees also have access to the management portal, they can keep track of their absences. There is a bigger opportunity for common accountability and less chance of pointing fingers when it comes to non-compliance. Even in payroll processing, absenteeism has been proven to affect employees performance once recorded erroneously. With the cloud absentee management software, absences data are directly taken from the system and immediately taken into consideration during payroll processing, eliminating human errors.

More employees are allowed to handle their own schedules via monitoring their own absences and providing adequate reasons for absences. By directly requesting time-off through the system, the employee gets the sense of responsibility in handling his own records. Upon denial or approval of the said time-off by the manager, an email is sent back to the employee. This streamlines the process and lessens face-to-face meetings. Manual filing can then be eliminated. Conversely, it also saves a lot of time which can be then allotted to working on tasks at hand.

*based on U.S Department of Labor study

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