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Employee Time And Attendance Software – Biometric, Card Swipe, or Finger Prints

We offer hundreds of personalized solutions and a suite of features to help your office effortlessly track time and attendance from 2 – 5,000 employees. You deserve full flexibility to work with a leading manufacturer and track employee time in live-time, labor distribution, and HR benefits.

Time tracking software is basically the must-dos and the must-haves packed in a simpler, more convenient way. From the collected employee time data and information to payroll processing to custom and real-time reports. All the data are reviewed and approved by the administrator for processing.

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Employees are given unique individual identifiers for log-in and log-out of the system which can be in a form of magnetic stripe, barcode, or proximity card. Proximity cards give leeway to the employees to wave the card by the time entry device instead of the usual swiping of the card through a reader. There are also web-based systems, easy-access phone-based, and mobile solutions. These often comes with a physical system for monitoring employee time in from multiple locations or while in transit. Definitely a notch more than the traditional manual data collection.

Employee Attendance Tracking Software You Can Count On

Biometrics and RFID (radio frequency identification) input devices which check fingerprints or handprints are also offered for additional security. This avoids buddy punching and ensures that the actual, correct person is doing the log-in and log-out. While there are Iris scanners, these are not widely utilized due to privacy issues.

Employee attendance tracking software also allows the employees to input their own information directly into the system instead of the administrative staff doing it for them. This leads to employee empowerment and even reduces the workload for the HR or administrative employees. Dubbed as “employee self-service” timekeeping, the work hours, vacation time-off, and sick day data can also be keyed in by the employee. There are also software platforms, which can process break times, overtime, multiple time zones, online time card distribution to employees, punch alerts, and lunch deductions, among others.

Given the vast choices for the time tracking and management software, it is best to determine the feature, which you need most. There are built-in reporting and data export facility that fits perfectly if you prefer to tie up the system with other applications. The advantage of most of the software is the customization package. There are optimizations also built for smaller businesses whose employees are mostly in the field. There are now available smartphones and web-based clocks, which take advantage of cloud computing, allowing any employee log-in anywhere in the world into the same single time keeping platform sans any networking nor wiring.

Management supervisors also get a hand in schedule management as the time keeping software provide routine time tracking of employee log times, similar to a fixed-location system. Most systems provide tracking for tardiness and absences, and real-time head count monitoring.